Internet.a.Play by ©Jerry Griffin


INTERNET.a.play1.0 by ©Jerry Griffin

(In darkness, Mozart’s “Serenade for Winds,” 3rd movement, is heard slowly rising and falling for several moments before a sharp stream of light shines onto a futuristically styled podium. After a moment, lights fade up revealing two matching chairs beyond the podium and sitting on one is…)

(standing, holding his worn personal computer in the crook of an arm at

the podium, smiling for a long moment)

Thank you for that wonderful interlude of musical vibration. My. Our visual appearance is just lovely at this chronological moment. May we log on with precision to Theoretical Infinity. Now. Scroll down with me to this unit’s Transference.

(studies screen)

Old Grid. Plane 2. Today we will read aloud to extrapolate meaning. The Old Grid states…read with me…”While Processing word intention from old memory and “On loading” your drive, user must avoid judgement application to another user’s…

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