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1982 "Hair Transplant Cancer Treatment" Press Conference

Pierre FlambeauX maintained a file on Mr. Brando ‘since the Natalie Wood affair,’ he said at his marble dusty studio near Rue Jean Rey in Paris. “Not only did this run in Hollywood but it was picked up by the two main French national newspapers, ‘le Monde’ and ‘le Figaro’ and also tabloidesque ‘France Dimanche’ and ‘Ici Paris.’ This resulted in the paternity suit from a German woman who WAS PAID to start the scandal published in ‘Bild Zeitung.’ He stood and raised his Galloised left hand in the air, “Son lien avec le cas de Natalie a fait ses cheveux disparaissent, à mon humble avis!”

Morty Brando in the first U.S. Photograph release in 29 years
Morty’s Studio here?

Apparently the rumors were true and Mr. Brando was indeed broadcasting from an attic in Paris overlooking Rue Jean Rey. Also, the hair shown in this photograph gives testament to a successful procedure and recovery. Said the included note from his most recent mistress (Charre La Maigne?) on Rue Jean Rey where this picture was taken, “Son amour célèbre pour Hair Club “pour les hommes” est également maintenue.”  She left an impression in red lipstick of two worthy lips enjoined faux pli…

From Episode 1

ArtTalkZ with Morty is Presented by The Performance Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Episode 1: Morty Brando pulls out the recorder and does a street interview after a performance of “Freud’s Last Session” at downtown Theatrical Outfit theater. He has just moved here and went to an old favorite dining institution named “Herren’s.” Long since removed, the space is now the home of an excellent Southern Theater.

“I walked in for a Porterhouse and walked out with Freud,” Morty said.

A porterhouse steak I grilled.
Morty’s Recurring Freudian Dream

Casting Director/KGB Agent Uri Vlad (Top 6 Soviet Era Propaganda Filmski, Secret Casting Tips.) Morty Brando, Pierre FlambeauX and now Uri Vlad discuss Art and all its wonderful consequences.

Uri reads a first-ever talk radio KGB Career Jobs Promo as sponsorship for his casting tour for new propaganda films and his selection of great Soviet Era Filmski.

[youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Top 10 Greatest Soviet Films

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